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TVA fuel cost lower in September

Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 4:46 pm

TVA logoFayetteville Public Utilities announced this week that the Tennessee Valley Authority will reduce September’s total monthly fuel cost for electric ratepayers to the lowest level since March 2012.

The total fuel cost amount will fall from $0.02379 per kilowatt-hour in August, to $0.2107 per kilowatt-hour this month. This brings the September 2013 fuel cost to approximately 19 percent lower than that of September 2012.

TVA is generating 44 percent more electricity at its 29 hydroelectric dams now than it was a year ago. Hydro is TVA’s cheapest resource for power generation. Rainfall across the region is 35 percent more than this time in 2012.

While the September savings will vary based on an individual customer’s electric use, residential consumers who use the household average of 1,330 kilowatts can expect electric bills to decrease from $143.34 in August to $139.73 in September. This gives consumers an average savings of $3.61 for the month based on the 1,330-kilowatt use.

FPU customers pay for electricity at a rate well below the national average, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration. The average national electric rate is over 12 cents per kilowatt hour ($0.1254).

For a complete listing of FPU electric rates, visit FPU’s website at www.fpu-tn.com.

FPU encourages you to visit their office or website at www.fpu-tn.com for free energy-saving tips, information on energy audits, and more to help you save on your monthly energy use.