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Transfer station reports illegal dumping

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 9:13 am

The Fayetteville Police Department was called Tuesday to the transfer station located on Burklin Street after a report of illegal dumping of hazardous waste.

Employees at the transfer station told authorities that the hazardous waste had been intentionally hidden in a load of brush.

The alleged offender drove to the dump in a truck hauling a trailer loaded with what appeared to be brush, according to the police report. When employees asked if brush was all he had, he replied that it was. Later, another employee discovered several 55-gallon plastic barrels containing diesel fuel, along with other smaller containers of oils and liquids underneath the brush, police said.

The individual was contacted by the transfer station and asked to pick up the hazardous waste, but the request was met with refusal, employees told police. After attempting to talk to the alleged offender twice, the police were called.

Sgt. Mark Browning was the reporting officer.