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What to expect from a good real estate agent.

J. Paul Richardson  300x250 Insider WebJust about everyone has their own style, some are extroverts while others are more laid back. Some are fun and some are cool, calm and collected. So what should you look for in a good real estate agent?

The first thing is always passion … Someone who takes a lot of care and pays attention to detail, as well as someone who is committed to great customer service. A good real estate agent returns calls and emails at lightning speed. They believe in getting a lead and hanging in there with it, making contact and following up. And they answer your questions.

They also stay up on the latest technology and are always accessible to you. They read a lot of information both about the real estate industry and the trends in your community. They know local neighborhoods intimately, and they know what’s on the market. Ask a question about a street, and they know what’s available, what sold recently, and the overall status of the neighborhood. They can tell you what you can get for your money.

When they meet with you the first time, they explain the process, the potential roadblocks, and a few scenarios that could occur. They believe in regular communication, and they adjust to your needs.

They also have a great network. They know the best contractors, appraisers, lenders, and insurance providers in the business. To some extent, we’re the hub of a group of professionals who can advise clients and assist with anything real estate or home related.

Great customer service is about two things, knowledge and authenticity. We treat each client’s purchase as being vitally important, and we’re able to help our clients through any hiccups in the process, while making everything as easy as possible.

At J. Paul Richardson & Son Real Estate, we believe in being transparent with our clients. Navigating a real estate purchase can be a tricky business, so you need an experienced professional who does a lot of the legwork and is good at negotiating the market to help you make the decision that’s right for you.