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Guidelines for selling your home

J. Paul Richardson  300x250 Insider WebPrice your house right.

Ask a fair price for your home, and remember that while it may be tempting to ask a higher price, your home will still have to appraise for the price you’re asking, so you need to be realistic. Our agents can help you with deciding what the best price is for you to ask, and we’ll keep in mind that while we need to be realistic, we know that you want to get the most that you possibly can for your property.

Don’t put your house at risk of just sitting on the market. Buyers know when a house is overpriced and will move on to the next home. Even if there is a price adjustment, if the house has been on the market for several weeks, buyers may assume that there is something wrong with the home.

Pictures help sell the property.

We all shop with our eyes – that holds true with our property, too. Pictures should carry the buyer from the outside of the house through the front door into the living space, with several pictures of the kitchen at different angles. Continue on through the house into the bedrooms and bathrooms, finishing with pictures of the backyard and features of the property.

How your home is presented is important. Sellers can have the home “staged” by a professional or they can do it themselves. Remove any clutter, and organize closets and cabinets to show off their best features. First impressions are important!

Make the needed repairs.

Sellers should make the repairs that they’ve been putting off. If a seller isn’t willing or able to make repairs, then a price adjustment should be made before listing the home.

What if you get multiple offers?

In today’s market, sellers may get more than one offer. Price is not always the deciding factor. Sellers should consider things such as contingencies and closing date. Is the buyer asking for closing costs? Does the buyer have the financing in place? Our real estate agent can help you maneuver through these questions and make the best decisions for you.

Above all, listen to your real estate agent.

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