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Swinford ‘Father of the Year’

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Father of the Year --

Ray Swinford receives a Citizens watch presented by Sabghi's Jewelers after winning “Father of the Year” honors based on his daughter, Sharon Womack’s winning letter. Pictured are (from left) Sharon Womack, Ray Swinford and David Sabghi.

Sabghi’s Jewelers presented a Citizens watch to Ray Swinford after receiving a letter submitted by his daughter, Sharon Womack, stating why she believed her dad should be “Father of the Year.”

“My Daddy, Ray Swinford, deserves to be Father of the Year because he is always there for me and my family. He raised me with strong morals and respect for other people that I think so many people are lacking today.

“Daddy has always seemed so strong to me,” the letter continues. “He has been my rock when my whole world was falling apart. He has been the shoulder that I’ve always leaned on, and even at the age of 39, he is who I go to when things aren’t going right.

“Daddy can still make it better. He loved me when I wasn’t able to love myself. No matter who you choose, my Daddy will be Father of the Year to me always.”