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Student Utility Board learns about communications

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 8:48 am

Makenna Wicks from Lincoln County High School, a member of the Fayetteville Public Utilities’ Student Utility Board, is pictured here speaking her lines for a radio and television commercial on FPU’s Channel 6. Also pictured is Nick Quaife with FPU.

Fayetteville Public Utilities’ Student Utility Board (SUB) recently visited FPU to tour the Channel 6 facilities.

The seven members started out the day with lunch, then dove into what goes in to making FPU’s public programming station what it is. Don Counts, Sarah Mac Young and Nick Quaife taught the SUB members the importance of script reading, interviewing and multimedia communications.

The young adults took turns being interviewed on camera by the Channel 6 media team. They shared their experiences with FPU and the community so far through the year. Students had a first-hand look at what goes into editing, shooting and capturing professional audio for Channel 6 productions.

The SUB members also learned how FPU produces its own radio and television commercials in-house. They saw how script writing, proper lighting and timing are all vital to promoting FPU’s products and services. SUB members saw firsthand how FPU’s Communications Department designs and creates advertisements for local businesses and events to air on FPU’s Channel 6.

In February, the student board will focus on FPU’s customer service department.