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Stevenson Family Reunion marks 100th on May 18

Posted on Friday, May 16, 2014 at 7:58 am

The Stevenson Family Reunion was begun 100 years ago when Jim and Rossie Patrick Stevenson of the Lincoln Community were young newlyweds.

Rossie wanted to honor Jim on his birthday in late May of 1914. She baked a cake and invited some relatives and friends to come for ‘dinner’. Dinner to them was the noontime meal. This has continued until today — obviously with lots more family and friends. For many years, the annual event was called “The Birthday Dinner” and was always held on the Sunday closest to Jim’s Birthday.

During World War II, when two of Jim and Rossie’s sons, Harold and Ray, and Henry Honey, their son-in-law, were fighting for our freedoms on foreign soil, the ‘Birthday Dinner” still went on. Many prayers were offered up during those years for family members, as well as for many neighbors’ sons and daughters.

The ‘Birthday Dinner’ was held at Jim and Rossie’s home until Rossie passed away in 1970. After that, the dinner rotated around, among their children, then to grandchildren, or a park.

Wherever its been held, this third Sunday in May – this year May 18 – has always been a joyful time of getting together, making pictures, eating, reminiscing, catching up, eating, ‘sitting a spell’, and, of course, eating.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of ‘The Birthday Dinner”. The family is trying to make this a very special event and are taking extra effort to contact anyone and everyone who is/was associated with Jim and/or Rossie. Because Jim and Rossie always lived in the Lincoln community and were faithful members (and builders) of the Methodist Church there, this 100th anniversary reunion will be held on the grounds of the Lincoln Methodist Church following the morning church services.

The family will be celebrating under the ‘Big Tent”, graciously provided by Bolles Realty & Auction, on the church grounds. All friends and relatives of Jim and Rossie are invited to come and visit after 1 p.m. until. Anyone having pictures, especially of the older generations, are encouraged to bring them. This will be an excellent time to help pass on memories to our younger generations and to help preserve the rich heritage of our beautiful area.

For more information, you may call (931) 638-9680, (931) 339-7017, or (931) 625-2006.