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Senior Round Dozen gathers at Shoney’s

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013 at 1:53 pm

The Dec. 7 meeting of the Senior Round Dozen Club was held at Shoney’s Restaurant.

Following lunch from the buffet, Roberta Kidd, president, called the meeting to order, thanking the hostesses Katie Harris, Glenara Haislip and Martha Lynn O’Neal.

The hostesses provided each member with a gift bag filled with an assortment of delicious homemade candies.

The collect was recited by all, and roll call was answered by the following 16 members present: Ruth Douglas, Carolyn Gill, Glenara Haislip, Katie Harris, Joyce Henson, Willa Hill, Birdie Johnson, Roberta Kidd, Martha Lynn O’Neal, Sue Priest, Marjorie Redden, Gayle Sandlin, Jean Steinquest, Faye Timberman, JoAnne White and Clara Wolfhard.

The November minutes were read and were approved with the correction of the last line, which read as follows, “Motion was made and seconded to adjourn to meet again March 1, 2013”. 

Birdie Johnson gave the treasurer’s report. Birdie reported that postage stamps had been mailed to the Veterans Hospital. Further discussion ensued concerning a memorial book for Shan Kelso, and it was agreed that club members would act on the recommendation of the librarian as to which book to donate in Shan’s memory.

Faye Timberman read a note from Grace Pitts in which Grace requested that the club accept her resignation. Roberta Kidd stated that former member Barbara Crawford has expressed a desire to renew her club membership should ever a vacancy occur.

A question arose concerning the membership status of Mable Tucker and Ann Whittemore who have been unable to attend meetings this club year due to health reasons.

In the absence of Ruth Ann Maddox, Roberta Kidd introduced Jean Steinquest who gave a review of the book entitled “The Yada Yada Prayer Group” by Neta Jackson. This story is told in the person of the character, Jodi Baxter, a wife, mother and third grade teacher living in Chicago. She reluctantly agrees to attend the Chicago Women’s conference with Avis, the principal of the school where she is employed.

At the conference, she is placed within a prayer group of twelve women which includes, among others, a former drug addict, a college student, a real estate broker and an ex-convict.

After a weekend together, the group bonds together, and in an effort to stay in touch with each other, decides to form what becomes the Yada Yada Prayer Group”.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn to meet again March 1, 2013.