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Response may keep O’Houlihan’s open

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 7:30 am

Community response to the recent announcement that O’Houlihan’s on the square would close at the end of the month is helping to keep the restaurant open, at least for a while and possibly beyond.

“I was amazed at the warm response of the community to O’Houlihan’s during the last two weeks,” said Don Haynes, owner, Monday morning. “The restaurant was filled to capacity every day with customers who want to keep O’Houlihan’s open on the square. I want that, too.

“Based on this strong community support, I have decided to remain open during February and to remain open beyond February if the need is there,” he continued. “The menu will be somewhat limited while we build up our food supplies.

“I look forward to serving everyone,” he added.

The restaurant and its owner were featured in The Times last week after Haynes had announced his plans the week prior. He and his beloved wife, Marie Houlihan Haynes, who passed away two years ago, had opened the restaurant in the fall of 1994 as part of a retirement project.

O’Houlihan’s has become a favorite for lunch, with its classic and original sandwiches, such as the Reuben, Philly steak, pastrami, fruity chicken salad and what’s known as the Courthouse Crusty, as well as its specialty items, including white chicken chili, cream of broccoli soup and fruit tea. The restaurant is located on the south side of the Fayetteville square at the corner of East Market and Main.