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RCA seeks a new head of school

Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 1:58 am

Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher

Riverside Christian Academy has launched a search for a new head of school to succeed Paul Fisher, who will remain there in the position through the end of May.

Fisher accepted the position here last year, leaving Alabama Christian Academy in Montgomery, Ala., where he will return in the next academic year as the school’s new athletic director.

“Fayetteville and Lincoln County are wonderful,” said Fisher last week. “I’ve loved being here and being with RCA – it’s a great school – but we’re unable to sell our house in Montgomery unless we take a very large loss.

“I’ve prayed a lot about open doors and think the best thing to do is return to Montgomery,” he continued. “It’s not what I wanted to do – I wanted to be here until my retirement – but I want to have my family together. I believe God has helped me and Riverside through my time here, and I’m pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

Resumes for the position are being accepted through the end of this month by Riverside’s governing board.

“I think that if you know Paul, you know that his heart is torn as he truly loves RCA and Fayetteville but that he must return to Alabama Christian Academy,” said Dr. Kyle Spears, chairman of RCA’s board. “We appreciate his service to RCA this past year as he had to face some difficult challenges. We cannot always see or understand God’s plan, but we have faith that He is in control and will bless us as we trust Him and honor Him.”

Spears said the board plans to narrow the list of candidates and conduct interviews during April – “Our intent is to be able to make an announcement during the second week of May with a new head of school starting the first week of June,” he stated in a letter to RCA families.

“We have been blessed to have a terrific teaching staff, a wonderful administrative staff, and a great support staff, and they will strive to continue to serve this ministry and our families with all their heart through this transition,” he added. “God has a person for us so pray that they are lead to us and that we have the vision to see them.”

Anyone interested in applying may submit a resume to the attention of Kyle Spears, Riverside Christian Academy, P.O. Box 617, Fayetteville, TN 37334, or email wspearsmd@fmamd.com. An advertisement with the qualifications and information about other aspects of the position appears in this week’s edition of The Times.