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Radio hams show off skills at Field Day

Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2013 at 1:10 am

Radio hams statewide had an opportunity to demonstrate their emergency preparedness during this year’s Amateur Radio Relay League Field Day held June 22-23.

“It was a very good field day for me and others, as well. I enjoyed it thoroughly,” said Larry Goolsby, an amateur radio operator from Flintville.

Ham operators play an important role in communications, especially in times of emergencies.

“We can communicate in bad times,” said Goolsby, noting that ham operators can communicate during such events as tornados, floods or other disasters.

Goolsby said Field Day is a good time to show the public and local officials what amateur radio operators can do.

 He recalled some bad storms a couple of years ago when cell phone towers were down. He explained that hams sent messages from family members locally to other amateur radio operators located in disaster areas so that they could find out if their loved ones were alright.

Goolsby, who has been operating amateur radio since 1972, said he used five watts and made 264 contacts all over the world during the recent Field Day. He reported that 11 contacts were made in Canada, three in Europe, seven in the Caribbean and South America and nine in Hawaii.

“It gave me 1,320 points,” he said, noting that for each contact the operator receives a point. “I talked straight through (Field Day) for 24 hours.

“I’m very interested in using antenna design,” said Goolsby, noting, “I like experimenting like that.”

Goolsby, whose call sign is AA4JI-1B-T QRP, said he would be glad to show anyone his radio equipment and tutor anyone who would like to learn. For more information, call him at (931) 227-8841.