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Pit bulls likely to be removed as dangerous dog

Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2014 at 7:19 am

When the Fayetteville Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets this week, they will likely take action to remove pit bulls from dangerous dog laws set forth by municipal codes.

In its work session Thursday, the board agreed to place on their agenda for this week’s meeting an ordinance amending city codes relating to the ownership and keeping of dangerous dogs within the city. Currently, the code mandates that all pit bulls are deemed to be dangerous dogs subject to the provisions of dangerous dog laws.

“Mandatorily designating pit bulls as dangerous dogs places an undue burden on the owners of pit bulls that do not exhibit behavior that would otherwise subject the dogs to the dangerous dog designation,” states the amended ordinance, which will be on Tuesday’s City Board agenda.

If the amendment were to be approved, the $100 annual fee charged by the city for pit bull owners would cease, according to discussion.

In somewhat related business, the board also agreed to place another amendment on the agenda related to animal control — the amendment would raise the city’s $2 per day impoundment fee charged by the Fayetteville Animal Shelter to $10 per day.