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Obama wins nation, Romney takes state

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 4:26 pm

While it was Mitt Romney (Rep.) who carried both Lincoln County and Tennessee, President Barack Obama (Dem.) was declared the winner of Tuesday’s Presidential election.

The election was a record statewide and locally. Here in Lincoln County, 65 percent of registered voters cast ballots – of Lincoln County’s 20,607 registered voters, 13,482 voted.

Romney claimed 9,791 Lincoln County votes, or 74 percent, to Obama’s 3,283, 24 percent. Statewide, Romney received 1,459,965 votes, carrying 59 percent of Tennessee, while Obama carried 959,054 or 39 percent.

Bob Corker (Rep.) garnered the majority of votes in Lincoln County, defeating challenger Mark E. Clayton (Dem.) in the race for U.S. Senate. Corker received 9,145 votes or 73 percent of the vote here in Lincoln County to Clayton’s 2,813, or 23 percent. Statewide, Corker received 1,504,081 votes, 65 percent, to Clayton’s 704,708, or 30 percent.

In one of the most watched races in Tennessee, incumbent Scott DesJarlais (Rep.) faced Eric Stewart (Dem.) in the election for the U.S. House of Representatives, Fourth Congressional District. Approximately 7,387 of Lincoln County’s voters, 70 percent, supported DesJarlais, while Stewart collected 3,243 votes, or 30 percent. Across the Fourth District, DesJarlais received 128,500 votes, 56 percent, to Stewart’s 101,944, or 44 percent.

In the race for the new 92nd state House seat, Bill Spivey (Rep.) and Vicki C. Cain (Dem.) squared off, with Spivey claiming 4,471 votes, 75 percent, to Cain’s 1,449, or 24 percent. District-wide, Spivey won 13,079 votes, 61 percent, to Cain’s 8,503, or 39 percent.

Incumbent Pat Marsh (Rep.) was unchallenged in his bid for re-election the Tennessee House of Representatives, 62nd District,. He 5,120 complimentary votes here in Lincoln County, while across the 62nd, he received 15,408.

Incumbent Jim Tracy (Rep.), also unchallenged for his seat representing Tennessee’s 14th Senatorial District, received 9,739 votes in Lincoln County and 50,206 votes district-wide.