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Normandy hosts Crappie Club tourney

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Crappie Tournament

Toby Ivey and John Wells took first place in the May 18 tournament at Nor-mandy. Together they hooked six fish, weighing in at 6.17 pounds, to take home the prize.

Middle Tennessee Crappie Club held its May crappie tournament at Normandy Lake just outside of Tullahoma on May 18.

There were nine boat or teams to fish this tournament, and all the teams were ready to catch lots of crappie. Only problem was, this year has been much tougher to find biting crappie. Most say this is due to the higher than normal water levels at the lake. Also, on this particular day, it was tougher than normal conditions, and the fish were just not interested in biting much at all.

Toby Ivey and John Wells had seen crappie turn off like this before, and by mid-morning they decided to make a big change in tactics and fish an unusual pattern for a May tournament. This call enabled them to catch a few more fish than the other teams did and allowed them to win this day with six keeper crappie, weighing in at 6.17 pounds. 

Toby said it was tough to leave an area with so many fish present, but they had to make a change and do something different in order to get a bite. Most crappie teams in the tournament targeted crappie in spawning or post-spawn areas, and Toby and John usually find fish in these areas during May as well, but not on this day.

“We fished near the bottom in 25 to 32 feet deep water and managed to get enough of them to bite in order to win the tourney,” said Toby. “As mentioned before, with higher than normal water levels, fishing at Normandy in 2013 has been a big challenge.

“Last year in 2012, the water levels were lower than normal pool, which allowed us anglers a lot less water to have to cover in order to find fish. Tim’s Ford Lake is experiencing the same high water levels like Normandy but Woods Reservoir has pretty much stayed at a constant depth all year.”

MTCC will be fishing at Tim’s Ford for their June 22nd tourney and invites anyone interested in crappie fishing to come check us out.

For more information, visit www.middletennesseecrappieclub.com