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No. Lincoln action underway

Posted on Monday, November 26, 2012 at 2:24 pm

The following are results for week two of North Lincoln Men’s League action.

In game one, Bang Bang won over Loud Pak, 77-27. Leading for Bang Bang was Jay with 24; Juboy Kelso, 16; Jeremy, 10; Tracy and Kelso, 8; Ceddrick, 7; Stacy, 3 and Chex, 2. Leading Loud Pak was Carlos with 10; Derrick Hockett, 7; Kendric Hall, 6; J.B. Hockett, 3; and Kyron Simpson, 1.

Game two went to the Warriors over And One, 89-83. Leading for the Warriors was Dutch with 31; Hakeem, 20; Autney, 14; Leviar, 13; Marcus Howard, 6 and Reese had 2. And One was led by Ed Little with 25; D. Wade, 24; Matt Prince, 16; Jimmy Cowden, 13; and Jordan Lane had 7.

In game three, Goham won over Florida St., 64-52. Leading Goham was K. Hickerson with 19; Chas, 15; Oscar, Busta and R. Hickerson had 10. Florida St. was led by Brown with 21; English, 9; Fifty, 8; Bob, 6; James Talley and Chops had 4.

Game four went to the Fundamentalist over the Cannonballers, 57-52. Tre Henderson led for the Fundamentalist with 22; Matt Towry, 14; Lance Stevens, 6; Caleb and Skylar Medford, 4; Barrett, 3; and Dustin, 2.  M.J. led the Cannonballers with 19; Chris, 14; F. Cannon, 7; Mario, 6; Billy Taylor, 5; R. Cannon, 4; and A.J. had 1.

In game five, Yellow Cake won over Heights Boys, 72-48. Leading for Yellow Cake was Nick Howard with 18; Chris Mason, 16; Steve Jones, 15; Stephen Johnson, 10; Demarcus, 9; and Charlie Murphy had 4. Heights Boys was led by Chris Hendricks with 10; Nick Simmons and Shawn, 8; Vincent, 7; Bush, 6; Nate, 4; Derek Holt, 3; and Justin Hendricks had 2.

Game six went to Team X over the Boonshill Ballers, 84-42. Team X was led by Devin Elliott with 30; Andrew Mustin, 19; Cass Barnes, 18; Justin Babian, 9; and Chris Grizzard had 8. Boonshill was led by Joe Burns, Patrick Coble and Jeremy Flint with 8; Clyde Dollar, 6; Cody Johnson and Keith Adams, 5 and Tim Luna had 4.

Anyone interested in playing for a youth league or starting a women’s team should contact Clyde Dollar at 732-4699.