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May retiring from Regency Finance

Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 7:27 am

May retiring

Emily May, (seated) branch manager of Regency Finance, prepares to retire on Jan. 31. Cindy Kosakowski, assistant manager, will become branch manager beginning Feb. 1.

When Emily May, branch manager of Fayetteville’s Regency Finance Company, first started working in the finance industry, there were no computers – all of the bookkeeping was written by hand.

As she reflects on the past 45 years she’s been working for finance companies, she says it has been a very rewarding career.

Emily first began her career with Associated Capital in 1967. She was first hired as a discount clerk, otherwise known as a cashier and secretary, then gradually worked her way up in the company. 

Associated Capital was bought by Associated Financial in the 1970s, and 17 years later, she opened Fidelity Credit.

“Associates bought Fidelity, and so I opened Southern Financial in 1993,” she explained. “Regency acquired them in 2000.”

All have been located in Fayetteville.

Regency Finance   Company is a diversified company, offering financing of   homes, auto, furniture, appliances and more.

Regency also buys sales contracts from dealers. Locally, some of the dealers include Norman’s Furniture, Bradford Appliances, Sabghi Jewelers and Spray Jewelers.

In addition to financing, she has also been responsible for collecting finances.

“I like the challenge of collecting,” she said.

“All and all, it’s been a very rewarding experience,” she said of her career. “I’ve been fortunate to have some loyal customers I’ve been doing business with for 30 years,” Emily said.

Her last day is Jan. 31.

Originally from Blanche, Emily graduated from Blanche High School.

“There were 30 in our graduating class,” she says with a smile.

Once retired, Emily and her husband, Bill, also retired, plan to do some traveling with their first trip likely to be to Gulf Shores.

With Emily’s retirement, Cindy Kosakowski, Regency Finance’s assistant manager, has been promoted as the new branch manager.

“Cindy has been with me for 27 years. I hired her in 1986,” explained Emily.

Cindy started in the business as a customer service representative, and then was promoted to assistant manager with Fidelity Credit.

Cindy has lived in Fayetteville for 28 years.

“I’m glad they have confidence in me … I’ll miss Emily a lot,” Cindy said.