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‘Lots of Locks’ is a success at RCA

Posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 6:22 am

Lots of Locks

Riverside Christian Academy students, parents and teachers have eight-inches of hair cut during this year’s Lots of Locks challenge at the school. Twelve students, teachers and parents participated in the cut, with their hair being donated to Children with Hair Loss.

Four years ago Riverside Christian Academy teacher Angela Steelman challenged students and staff at RCA to grow their hair for two years, for a mass donation to Locks of Love.

The event was called “Lots of Locks”, and it was a great success, with many inches of hair being donated to the cause.

Almost immediately, the challenge was reissued, and many were ready to participate again. The recipient for this year’s Lots of Locks cut is an organization called Children with Hair Loss, which works much the same way as Locks of Love, but accepting eight-inch lengths of hair, instead of 10 inches.

“Several of our girls donated two years ago and wanted to do so again, but didn’t quite have the required length for a Locks of Love donation,” said Steelman.

This year, 12 students, teachers and parents participated in the cut. The entire school student body counted down from 10 and shouted “Cut that hair!” as 12 cuts were made.

Students participating this year were Lana Burrows, Amelia Brown, Anna Bradford, Peyton Smith, Alyssa San Filippo, Libby Wright and Emma Good. Adults donating their locks were Hollie Ables, Brittany Moyers, Angela Steelman, Caryn Stephens and Memorie Stults.

RCA would like to thank hairdressers Tina Beddingfield, Rebekah Brewer, and Angela Shelby of P.S. Stone Salon in Ardmore, Jamie Cagle of The Hair Gallery in Fayetteville, and Cindy Reese of Hair in Motion in Fayetteville for volunteering their services to this year’s event. They would also like to thank faculty, staff and parents who were brave enough to make the initial ponytail cuts so all 12 could be done simultaneously.