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Local FSA supports National Ag Day

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Ag-DayThe Lincoln County Farm Service Agency (FSA) suggests that we all take a moment in these turbulent fiscal times to celebrate agriculture and honor our hard-working farmers and ranchers in Tennessee. 

County Executive Director Joe L. Ashby announces that March 19 is National Ag Day and this year’s theme is “Generations Nourishing Generations”.

“According to recent USDA. studies, the agricultural sector right now remains a bright spot in terms of economic stability and growth and there is a strong demand for U.S. agricultural products,”  said Ashby.

“Generation after generation of agricultural producers in Tennessee are getting up early every day to provide the food, fiber and fuel that feed and clothe Americans and others around the world. ”

Ashby further notes, “As research advances, the future may be even brighter. New uses for ag products are being found to utilize natural ingredients for life-saving medicines and supply the critical commodities required in a long list of manufacturing sectors.” 

Despite the onslaught of natural disasters weathered by farmers and ranchers this past year that created less than ideal growing conditions, producers still managed to grow the commodities that keep our economy moving forward. And, they maintain our abundant supply of renewable resources in an environmentally sensitive manner. 

“For their life sustaining efforts, we honor Tennessee’s agricultural producers for their vital contribution,” said Ashby.

Today each American farmer produces enough food to feed more than 144 people, a dramatic increase from the 25 people a farmer sustained in 1960. These increased efficiencies demonstrate that American Agriculture is producing more – and doing it better than ever before.  

Ag Day is a project of the Agriculture Council of America.  For further Ag Day information and events visit www.agday.org.