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LCBPU weighs investing $8M in sewer system

Posted on Monday, October 8, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Lincoln County Board of Public Utilities officials recessed their Thursday evening board meeting until 6 p.m. tomorrow (Oct. 11) as they consider a proposal for a county sewer system.

Dudley Fox, a representative with CTI  Engineers, Inc., presented a study to the board which outlined the projected population growth, cost and estimated revenue, as well as possible funding  solutions.

According to CTI’s study, the cost of the trunk line sewer system, which would follow Huntsville Highway from Woody Anderson Ford to the state line, would be approximately $8 million.

Officials agreed that they are in favor of a sewer system but are concerned with the funding of the project and whether it would create a financial drain on the system.

“We’ve got to figure out if we can do it without bankrupting the system or the county,” said Hugh Moffett, board member.

Fox stated that the system would allow for future growth east and west of Huntsville Highway and the potential for light industrial along Huntsville Highway.

“The inclusion of a sewer system will allow for higher population development and business,” Fox stated.

During the meeting, Lincoln County Mayor Peggy Bevels stated that the county applied for a $750,000 grant from the state’s Fast Track Infrastructure Development Program, and it was approved. This would help fund the sewer system, as well as five-cents of the recent property tax increase, which will provide approximately $250,000 per year toward the sewer, Bevels said.

The county also has applied for a $1.5 million Federal Economic Development Administration grant application to assist with funding for sewer construction; however, that has not been approved to date.

Prior to the discussion about sewer, board action included the approval of a service agreement with the USGS monitoring service. The service maintains and monitors the Taft test well water levels.

The board also voted to install a one-inch water meter on an Ardmore Highway property that was temporarily vacant. The existing meter had been removed when the old water lines were replaced recently.