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LCBPU okays plan for GPS mapping

Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 2:40 pm

Lincoln County Board of Public Utilities officials voted Thursday to contract with G-Squared and move forward with GPS mapping beginning with the Phase V and Phase VI projects.

In all, G Squared will use GPS technology to map 610 service lines, 184 valves, 24 fire hydrants and six main road crossings. 

“For $7,700, G Squared will do two phases,” said Ronnie Braden, LCBPU superintendent, adding that the system’s cost for the GPS computer software was an additional $1,500.

After Phase V and Phase VI are completed,  “It will take about $20,000 to $24,000 to do this every year, to do a sector,” Braden said.

LCBPU will plan to do another sector for the next four to five years.

In other action last week, the board voted to renew a maintenance contract with Microcom in the amount of $9,800. Braden said that sometimes during a storm, LCBPU may have two to three lightning strikes on equipment at one time. Microcom replaces the telemetry equipment when it’s damaged.

“One bad weekend with lightning, and we have to have parts shipped overnight,” Braden explained. “Of all the maintenance contracts, it’s worth its weight.”

The board also approved renewing a contract for employee health insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Braden noted that the medical insurance went up 10.06% this year. Dental insurance went up 8%, he said.

Other action included the board approving a motion to advertise for bids for grass cutting at multiple LCBPU sites in Lincoln County.