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  • What is keratoconus?

    Often abbreviated as “KC”, keratoconus is a non-inflammatory eye condition in which the normally round dome-shaped cornea progressively thins, causing a cone-like bulge to develop and resulting in significant visual impairment. The cornea is the clear window of the eye and is responsible for refracting most of the light... Read more

  • A new dimension in hearing

    There’s a new dimension in hearing – revolutionary product lines that allow you to be immersed in the world around you like never before. Today, product lines such as Halo ® iQ, Muse™ iQ  and SoundLense®– represent the most advanced technology with supreme sound quality and premium features customized... Read more

  • Divorces and mediation

    Real life is much different than the dramas so many of us see played out on television, where excitement and tension build until the final verdict is returned by the judge, where perfect justice is often meted out against the wrongdoer, and where cases are all wrapped up in... Read more

  • There’s no time like the present to buy a home

    As 2018 got underway, the 30-year mortgage rates had held below 4% for 26 straight weeks. Today, even with the best-qualified candidates, between 4 and 4.5% is the new normal, and more than likely, those rates will continue to rise. With that in mind, if you’re thinking about buying... Read more

  • Top-level repairs for your Nissan

    An auto accident is just that – an accident. But a quality collision repair is no accident. As the only certified member of the Nissan Collision Repair Network in Lincoln County, Classy Chassis must meet or exceed standards for repair work, training, equipment and delivery to you, the customer.... Read more

  • A toothache or an abscessed tooth?

    You’ve made an appointment with your dentist, but it seems it can’t come soon enough. Taking that first step – the appointment – is important, because toothaches don’t get better. They get worse. And they can turn into an abscess, a pocket of pus that forms around the root... Read more