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  • Treatment for astigmatism

    Astigmatism is a common eye problem resulting from an irregular curve of the in the lens of the eye or the cornea, the front surface of the eye. It can change the way light passes, or refracts, to your retina, causing blurry, fuzzy or distorted vision. While it’s not... Read more

  • Keeping the lines of communication open

    Hearing loss is a medical disorder that affects nearly 36 million adults in the United States. As a matter of fact, one in three adults over age 60 has hearing loss. Hearing loss can result in a great deal of miscommunication and frustration among families and friends. A person... Read more

  • Workplace harassment

    Employers have a responsibility to prevent and correct illegal harassment in the workplace, and employees have a shared responsibility to promptly report inappropriate conduct. Workplace harassment on the basis of an immutable characteristic – an aspect of the person not capable or susceptible to change (such as sex, race... Read more

  • Ways to save on closing costs

    While shopping for mortgage rates is the number one thing you should do when it comes to buying a home, it’s also good advice to check out closing costs. Lenders don’t have to give you an estimate before you apply for a loan, but you should be able to... Read more

  • The only local Nissan certified shop

    You, not the insurance company, decides where your vehicle is repaired, and if you own a Nissan, the decision to choose a Nissan certified collision repair shop for any needed repairs is in your hands. Classy Chassis Body Shop is proud to be Lincoln County’s only local Nissan certified... Read more

  • Childhood tooth injuries

    Accidents happen, and whether it’s an infant, toddler or older child, the most important thing you can do whenever there is dental trauma is call your dentist and have it evaluated. There is almost always a significant risk of dental trauma when it comes to kids playing a variety... Read more