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Ho, Feuser named Extraordinary Teens

Posted on Monday, December 31, 2012 at 10:44 am

Extraordinary Teens

Delta Kappa Gamma members Dr. Helen Fussell (left) and Teresa Brown (right) are pictured with Erich Feuser and Annie Ho of Fayetteville High School.

The Beta Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma has announced that two students at Fayetteville High School have achieved Extraordinary Teen status.

Annie Ho and Erich Feuser have registered 10 children each and worked with the Imagination Library of Lincoln County to raise $120 each to cover the cost of the new registrations.

Dr. Helen Fussell works with the peer educators at Fayetteville High School and provided the encouragement for these students to achieve their goal of being Extraordinary Teens. Annie and Erich were volunteers at the Imagination Library 5K Race which raised $3,000 to buy books for Lincoln County children as part of the Imagination Library program here.

During “Fayetteville … Host of Christmas Past”, the teens dressed up and assisted with the Elves Workshop, another fund-raiser for the organization.

The director of the Imagination Library is Beta Kappa member Teresa Brown.

“It is a pleasure to work with the students at Fayetteville High School on projects to fund the Imagination Library and register children to receive their book each month,” said Mrs. Brown.

When Annie was small, Vietnamese was spoken in her home. She learned to speak English when she entered school. This was a meaningful experience for her, because it reminded her of the early struggle to learn English and learn to read. Erich talked about enjoying the social aspects of school much more than the academics.

Now both Annie and Erich are very involved in helping the Imagination Library and also attend the Book Club at Fayetteville High School.

Annie is enjoying “Enclave”, while Eric has also read “Incarceron” and “Night Shad”. Both students said they feel that children who receive the Imagination Library books will do better in school and achieve the new standards from the state.

“When you read books at an early age, your hunger for reading and knowledge grows,” said Erich. “It starts everything!”