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Heartbroken for the loss of Sir’s

Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 5:20 pm


I grew up in Fayetteville, and my family like many others, for as far back as I recall, would go to “Joe Sir’s” with our mothers. I am not sure why we always said “Joe Sir’s”, but we did. And like the multitudes of others, I was heartbroken to learn that Sir’s Fabrics had been destroyed by fire.

The town has lost not only a great place to shop for fabric of all types, but a part of our heritage seems to be wrapped up in it as well. Countless Easter outfits, prom dresses, draperies, bedspreads, quilts and many other memorable creations were made possible by its existence. Our mother was a gifted seamstress who, after her retirement, chose to fulfill her creative endeavors by making beautiful quilts.

When I would return home for a weekend visit, we would most often go to Joe Sir’s, if only just to see what was there. We usually left with something that we just had to have.

Sir’s provided not only a needed commodity, but it also was a place where one would always be greeted when entering the store. Mrs. Duckett, the mother of a classmate of mine, worked there for many years. But there were other loyal and longtime employees who had jobs because of Sir’s.

Mother enjoyed looking at the license plates of the cars parked at the store, bearing out that folks came from miles around to shop there. Through the years, as people asked me where I grew up, more times than not they would say that they had heard of Fayetteville because “there is a wonderful fabric store there.”

It just feels to me like there has been a death in the family, and I think I am probably not alone in that.

Sandra Locke Heer,