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Healthier Lincoln County

Posted on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 4:15 pm

Committee members planning for Lincoln County’s initiative to become a Healthier Tennessee Community pause for a photo during a meeting held at the Lincoln County Health Department last week. Pictured are (from left) Bill Newman, Colleen Wright, Nelana Owens, Carla Warden, Carman Smith, Stefanie Brown, Debbie Broadway, Samantha Jennings, Brie King, Haley Richardson and Carolyn Denton. The Governor’s Foundation of Health and Wellness in Tennessee is encouraging counties to make the initiative to become Healthier TN Communities, and Lincoln County is joining the effort. The Lincoln County Health Department, Lincoln Health Systems, UT Extension, Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln County government and Coordinated School Health are working together to promote healthier diets and physical activity and reduce the number of people in Lincoln County who use tobacco. ~ Staff photo by Sandy Williams