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Todd McAdams, D.D.S.

Getting that perfect smile

Have you always wished you could have a beautiful smile? For a lucky few, it comes naturally, but for most people, a number of issues may stand in the way of having the perfect smile. Over time, enamel can become worn, dulled and discolored, and as we age, teeth naturally wear down and become more likely to have chips, cracks or a generally uneven appearance. Even genetics can play a role in the appearance of our teeth, giving us abnormal spacing between our teeth or a generally uneven appearance.

Dental veneers can be a great option

Regardless of the cause, dental veneers a great option in helping us have a beautiful smile, boosting our self-confidence and self-esteem. A veneer is a shell, or layer of tooth-colored porcelain or composite that is placed over the facial surfaces of your teeth.

Although they fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry, because they create bright, white smiles with beautifully aligned, shapely teeth, they also protect the surface of damaged teeth and may eliminate the need for more extensive treatments.

Are you a candidate?

The removal of any natural tooth structure is permanent, so dentists today who offer these services generally give patients the most minimally invasive options first. To determine if you are a candidate for dental veneers, your dentist will schedule a preliminary consultation during which your oral health will be evaluated and all available treatment options discussed.
If you and your dentist decide that veneers are the best option, the next step involves a thorough review of treatment details, including preparing your teeth for your specific veneer procedure and what will be necessary for them to look and fit correctly.

During your consultation, you will actively participate in the “smile design process”. By sharing your preferences for the shape, length, width and color of veneers and the change in the appearance of your smile that you want them to correct, you help ensure that your treatment will meet your expectations. It is important that your dentist understand your objectives when undergoing a veneer procedure.

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