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From pound puppy to pampered pooch

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2012 at 4:58 pm




Fayetteville-Lincoln County Animal Shelter relayed a “Happy Tail” last week, a success story of “Lyric”, a pound puppy turned pampered pooch.

While searching online, Lois, a Syracuse, N.Y. resident, found the small mixed breed puppy that she couldn’t resist on the Fayetteville-Lincoln County Animal Shelter’s website.

Lois and her mother drove nearly 800 miles one way to pick up Lyric, renamed Geo. Instead of returning home immediately, they stopped in Alabama to visit with her aunt for five days and then drove to her sister’s home located on 20 acres of land in Texas. 

It seems that Geo is the ideal puppy in so many ways.

“Geo is the perfect travel puppy. She slept 95-percent of the trip,” Lois stated. “Geo walked perfect on the leash the first time out. While at my aunts, I started Geo’s training. She sits on command, waits for her leash to be put on and taken off and waits for the go command before going out the door.”

At Lois’ sister’s home, Geo ran free off her leash, but never ran away from her on the property. She came when she was called and began playing fetch after just five throws of her ball. Unlike many puppies left alone in a house for a few hours, she didn’t chew anything up and never barked or whimpered because she was alone.

“She still does not bark at all, which is great,” she said.

After getting shots and a clean bill of health, Geo was treated to a romp in a doggie park.

Geo (1)


“There is an agility course at the park, and Geo loves it. She will do the whole course without having to throw the ball through the tunnels,” she said.

Lois also plays fetch with Geo in her unfenced back yard and said the puppy never runs off.  Every day, Geo goes for two long walks. In the morning, they walk in a park adjacent to the zoo, where lions, bears and elephants can be heard roaring in the morning.

“Geo tilts her head from side to side trying to figure out what the heck is making those sounds,” said Lois.

Last Saturday, Lois took Geo for her first run with her on a three-wheeled recumbent bicycle.

“She did great for her first time out with the bike. This one park keeps the path cleared of snow all winter long.”

When Geo gets tuckered out, she can hitch a ride on Lois’ lap.

“Geo does great with other dogs and humans. Everybody wants to pet her and tells me how cute she is.”