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Franke plans large warehouse addition

Posted on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 10:55 am

FrankeFranke here gained final plat approval Thursday from the Fayetteville Regional Planning Commission for a 78,000-square-foot warehouse addition.

The addition, to the north end of Franke’s U.S. 64 East facility, will primarily include warehouse space as well as some manufacturing, office and shipping areas, said Huntsville, Ala., architect Larrell Hughes as he appeared before city planners Thursday. Some parking will also be added.

Currently Franke is renting a building, which it utilizes in addition to the company’s plant here. The expansion, though, should eliminate the need for the rented space.

According to discussion, the expansion is the first of two phases being considered at the facility. The second phase would be on the receiving end of the existing facility.

The warehouse expansion is expected to be completed by the fall of 2013.

In mid-December, Franke Artemis Group announced that as part of a change in management, the group would be restructured as of Jan. 1, 2013. The overriding Franke Artemis Group will be renamed Artemis Group, which will consist of the original Franke industrial activities, the Artemis Real Estate Group, the Artemis Asset Management Group and the Feintool Group.

The original Franke industrial activities will be combined under the name Franke Group and include the divisions of Franke Kitchen Systems, Franke Foodservice Systems, Franke Washroom Systems, Franke Coffee Systems, and Franke Beverage Systems as well as Franke Industries AG.

The reorganization is being done as part of the change of management taking place. The CEO and owner of the Artemis Group, Michael Pieper, handed over the leadership of the operational business of the Franke Group as of Jan. 1 to Alexander Zschokke and concentrate on the management of the Artemis Group. The new organizational structure and naming now reflect this development.

A new Group Management at Artemis Group level will come into existence with CEO Michael Pieper, Andreas Hauswirth and Michael Soormann. The Group Management of the Franke Group with Zschokke consists of the CFO Jürg Fischer, CIO Peter Kaufmann, and the head of corporate human resources Gisela Müller as well as the divisional managers of the Franke industrial activities.