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Film crew visits McAlister farm

Posted on Monday, October 1, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Filming Pitchin' In

Chef Lynn Crawford is pictured here with the Frantic Film crew, of Toronto, Canada, while in Lincoln County filming on location at the Bobby and Jimmy McAlister Farm. Pictured are (from left) Kristoff Rochon, director of photography, Mike Kulinsky, sound, Chef Lynn, Meagan McAteer, director, and Joe McLaren, field producer. (Click here to purchase photo.)

Famous Chef Lynn Crawford journeys great distances to meet the people who produce the finest produce grown, some of the same produce used to prepare the delectable dishes she creates. 

A week ago, the chef and the Frantic Films Co. based in Toronto, Canada, traveled hundreds of miles to the Bobby and Jimmy McAlister Farm in Belleview where one of their five major crops is sweet potatoes. There, the crew   filmed footage for the first season of “Pitchin’In”.

Chef Lynn, nicknamed the Renegade Cuisine Queen, hosts the show, which is broadcast in Canada and in the United States and will also air in Russia and Asia.

In this segment, the focus is on sweet potatoes, how they are produced and the recipes in which they are used.  On the McAlister farm, Chef Lynn “pitches in” on the farm as the sweet potatoes are harvested, sorted, washed and packed.

En route to Lincoln County, the group stopped at Pie Sensations in downtown Columbia, where they filmed the storeowners preparing five sweet potato-based pies for the show.

“This show follows her as she looks for the freshest ingredients and the people who produce them,” said Field Producer Joe McLaren while on the farm in Belleview in south central Lincoln County. Earlier in the week, Chef Lynn and the film crew were invited to a family barbecue, complete with great home cooking. 

Chef Lynn’s visit culminates on her last day at the farm with a meal she prepares for the family, crew and all of the people she met while in Lincoln County.

Chef Lynn, who has had a 25-year career, is the former executive chef of Four Seasons Hotel in New York City and the only female executive chef to ever work on the Four Seasons property in the world. She has hosted “Food Network’s Restaurant Makeover” and has competed against Chef Bobby Flay in “Iron Chef America”.