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Fayetteville Cycle celebrates 30 years

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Fayetteville Cycle Inc. is celebrating 30 years of serving customers in Lincoln County, northern Alabama, and middle Tennessee.

Founded in 1982 by owners Clay and Sherry Jacks, the first showroom was in the current LaFuente restaurant location. Fayetteville Cycle started out selling the Kawasaki brand motorcycles and ATVs before taking on the Honda brand shortly after.

“Starting out, it was me, Sherry and one mechanic,” Clay remembers.

Their two sons, Heath and Robbie, worked on Saturdays doing whatever small jobs were necessary.

After a couple of years, as business expanded, Fayetteville Cycle moved into the former Walker Office Supplies building, where they stayed for two more years. The success of the Honda ATVs was instrumental in growing the business. Trail riders, as well as farmers, were discovering the capabilities of the machines.

“I remember wondering where this market would go,” Clay says. “At one time, I was afraid because nearly everybody I knew had one, but more and more people were getting the word out.”

Fayetteville Cycle had also added an additional two employees to handle parts and service needs.

In 1986, Fayetteville Cycle moved into their home for almost twenty years on Wilson Parkway. Concentrating on their Honda business, they made the decision to drop the Kawasaki brand and continue as a Honda only store. That changed in 1990 when a representative from Polaris, a small, relatively unknown U.S. manufacturer of ATVs, convinced Clay to take them on as a second brand.

“I was skeptical at first, but they had a lot of good ideas, and I only had to try a few machines. So, I decided to give them a go,” Clay says.

That would prove to be a very good decision in the coming years.

The Honda four wheel ATVs continued their solid growth, and the innovations of the Polaris ATV, the only automatic ATB at the time, kept the employees of Fayetteville Cycle busy. Sons Heath and Robbie had gone to college. Heath attended classes at the University of Alabama, as well as Louisiana State University, before returning and working full-time as sales manager for Fayetteville Cycle in 1992. Robbie graduated from the University of North Alabama with a double major in biology and chemistry in 1996, but the thrill of motorcycling was in his blood. He came back to work as the parts manager in the family business. Both boys remain there today.

“We have learned the value of taking care of our customers from the best, mom and dad,” Heath says.

In 2007, with ten full-time and part-time employees, Fayetteville Cycle moved into their current location at 2908 Huntsville Highway.

“We finally have the room to properly display our vast lineup of Honda ATVs and motorcycles and the Polaris ATVs and Ranger side by sides,” Heath says.

“We have been in business 30 years and we are not letting our foot off the throttle,” Clay says. “We appreciate every single customer who has given us business, and we will strive to do everything we can to keep them happy.”

On Friday, Nov. 30, Fayetteville Cycle is holding a 30 Year Celebration and Open House. The event will go from 1 until 8 p.m. There will be a vintage motorcycle show, discounts, giveaways, live music with J.D. Pollard and Karaoke. Also some of the performers from The Fabulous Fifties Show are expected. Barbecue and fixings will be served.

“Come celebrate with us as we celebrate you,” Clay and Sherry say.