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Couple sees weight loss success

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 12:49 pm

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Cliff and Rainey Stubblefield are pictured here with Carol Tunstill, (left) weight loss coach of the Weight Control Center in Fayetteville. Together, the couple lost an amazing 160 pounds in 2012 under Tunstill’s guidance.

Cliff and Rainey Stubblefield realized tremendous weight loss success during 2012, losing a total of 160 pounds during the year.

They shared their weight loss success story after following the guidance of diet coach Carol Tunstill at the Weight Control Center in Fayetteville.

“Cliff and I decided to lose weight so we could be better parents to our children,” says Rainey. “Our ‘ah ha’ moment came in the fall of 2011 while vacationing in the Gatlinburg area. We carried the boys to a go-cart track, and when we got our chance to ride, the seatbelts would barely fit around us. I remember thinking to myself how upset the boys would be if I couldn’t get that strap fastened.

“Cliff and I were given belt adjusters in order to be able to ride. We were both so humiliated.”

She continued, “That day of fun was almost ruined by our weight. We knew we had to do something. If we continued the way we were, the excess weight would eventually affect every aspect of our lives.”

“Several people we knew highly recommended Carol Tunstill to help us lose the weight. We set up an appointment in January of 2012. We were anxious to meet the ‘Weight Loss Lady’. We were very hopeful as we started our weight loss journey,” she said.

“When we went in the following week to weigh, we had lost a combined total of 15 pounds. We continued on Carol’s plan, and the weight kept coming off.

“Carol once said to us, ‘You can eat to live, or you can eat to die’.  We had lived our lives eating to die, indulging in whatever sounded good and having no clue what a serving size really was. Thanks to Carol, we finally learned what it means to live, and it’s not hard at all. We eat protein, veggies, grains and fruit. No food is off limits, and we buy our food locally,” she continued.

Cliff has lost 100 pounds in less than a year.

“I stopped dieting after I lost 60 pounds,” Rainey says. “The exciting news is we found that we were expecting our third child. Then, Dr. Morrison really surprised us – we were having twins!

“Carol asks me to keep nutrition at the forefront and to eat what my body craved. I kept weighing at the Weight Control Center and Dr. Morrison’s office. I gained less than 30 pounds during my pregnancy. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 60 pounds smaller.

“Cliff and I both knew we were in better health than we had ever been and were more prepared than ever to be the healthiest parents to our four boys, Charlie, Cooper, and our twins, Max and Miles.

“The twins were our Christmas miracle. We look so forward to continuing our weight loss and enjoying life. We have Carol to thank for this because without her, there is no way we would have made the changes that we needed.”

The Weight Control Diet Plan combines one-to-one coaching and behavioral modifications. This 12-week plan is tailored to fit the individual needs of each client.

For additional information about the Weight Control Center in Fayetteville, contact Carol Tunstill at 931-703-5329.