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County’s top five infrastructure needs noted

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 8:21 am

Using data complied in a recent study, TN Infrastructure Alliance (TIA) is calling attention to Lincoln County’s infrastructure needs from the latest Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations’ (TACIR) Report: “Building Tennessee’s Tomorrow: Anticipating the State’s Infrastructure Needs.”

 The county-by-county data has been compiled and is now available in an easy-to-view format online at TNinfrastructure.org. The information has been optimized for mobile devices.

“Continuing to understand the future infrastructure needs of our counties in Tennessee is a worthy endeavor,” said Bill Moore, chairman of TN Infrastructure Alliance. “The TACIR infrastructure needs assessment provides a detailed view of infrastructure vital to future of our communities.”

The report shows various projects in Lincoln County, including the top five categories of transportation, water and wastewater, recreation, storm water and existing school improvements.

Top five categories in Lincoln County include transportation, $28.8 million; water and wastewater, $6.9 million; recreation, $1.3 million; storm water, $1.2 million; and existing school improvements, $550,000.

According to the report,  the total estimated cost of the projects, $38.6 million, is 75.46 percent funded at $29.2 in available funding.

Among Tennessee’s 95 counties, Lincoln County’s infrastructure rank is 88th in total estimated cost of infrastructure needs; 44th in census population count; 94th in total estimated cost per capita; and 58th in population density.

Across Tennessee, 9,262 infrastructure projects were reported at an estimated total investment of $38,020,406,156. Projects include infrastructure needs such as transportation networks, stormwater control, drinking water, sewer systems, and public school buildings.

TACIR shows statewide infrastructure needs in the following categories that mount to transportation and utilities, $19.1 billion; education, $7.9 billion; health, safety and welfare, $7.3 billion; recreation and culture, $1.8 billion; economic development, $1.2 billion; and general government, $456 million. The grand total coming to $38 billion.

TACIR indicates an increase of $1.2 billion in needs statewide, a 3.3% increase since the previous inventory. The TACIR report, “Building Tennessee’s Tomorrow: Anticipating the State’s Infrastructure Needs,” is the tenth (10th) in a series on infrastructure that began in the late 90’s. Released in August, the report highlights statewide infrastructure needs from July 2010 through June 2015.

“TN Infrastructure Alliance continues to be impressed with the effort from the local and state officials who provide the data for Tennessee’s official infrastructure needs assessment,” said Moore. “With this updated information, our key government leaders are able to stay aware of the local community needs.”