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County Archives wins state grant

Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 5:45 pm

The Lincoln County Archives has received an $850 grant to help improve the storage conditions of and access to local government records.

“I am proud to award this grant to the Lincoln County Archives,” Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “Archives are important because they store and preserve historical records for our county and municipal governments. It is my hope that this grant will help the county with its archival development.”

Since 1999, the Secretary of State’s office has distributed $50,000 per year for about 10-15 program improvement grants to local government archives.

“Protecting and maintaining our historical documents is extremely important,” State Sen. Jim Tracy said. “I commend the Lincoln County Archives for applying for this grant, and I know that the funds will be put to good use to help take care of our state’s records.”

“I wish to congratulate the Lincoln County Archives for being awarded this grant,” State Rep. Pat Marsh said. “Archives are important to a community and this money will help keep important records available to the public.”

“This is exciting news for the Lincoln County Archives,” State Rep. Billy Spivey said. “This grant will provide funding to buy equipment, supplies, and furnishings needed to preserve valuable local government records.”

Grants are awarded for the following purposes: Purchase of archival supplies, equipment or furnishings that directly help to salvage, restore, and preserve endangered permanent records of the county/municipality; and purchase of supplies and equipment that directly help to achieve and maintain inventory control of permanent records so that they may be available for public inspection.