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Blowing Screams Farm is back

Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Blowing Screams FarmFLINTSTONE, GA. Blowing Screams Farm is back as the Chattanooga area’s most terrifying outdoor haunt, opening at dark on September 28, then every Friday and Saturday night in October! This haunt located at Blowing Springs Farm stays open until the last victim screams (be in line by midnight)! 

Fearing a public relations nightmare after whistleblowers revealed the true intentions of their research, BSF Global has left the hastily-built laboratories at Blowing Springs disavowing all knowledge of the facility. The labs and endless corridors are slowly falling to decay where forgotten test subjects roam the halls feeding on whatever or whoever they encounter. They continue to change as the treatments and experimental procedures they endured complete their hideous work. 

And while onsite, enjoy the bonfire, delicious food like fried Oreos and kettle corn, or get a Black Forest Makeover! Check out www.blowingscreamsfarm.com for ticket combos like an All You Can Scream Pass. And to follow videos and other insider info, visit www.facebook.com/RockCityHaunt. Due to the more extreme nature of the haunt, parental discretion is advised. 

Blowing Springs Farm features Rock City’s Enchanted MAiZE by day and turns into Blowing Screams Farm at night. Blowing Screams has continued its partnership with the Chattanooga Theatre Centre (www.theatrecentre.com). See Rock City, Inc. is committed to continuing its efforts of partnering with community organizations and maintaining a culture of excellence.