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Betty Bottom retires after 48 years at Blanche School

Posted on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 9:00 am

Betty Bottom was honored for her 48 years of service as secretary/bookkeeper at Blanche School during a retirement luncheon on Thursday, Nov. 21.

Mrs. Bottom’s husband, children and many of her children’s families were in attendance. Also in attendance were several from the superintendent’s office, including Dr. Wanda Shelton.

Bottom retires --

Mrs. Bottom worked with several principals over the years, and many were in attendance, including Joel Hastings, Jim Stewart, Ron Perrin and current principal, Rickey Stafford.

“I am in my 41st year of service as a public school educator,” said Hastings. “I have been blessed to encounter so many wonderful colleagues over my career. Mrs. Betty Bottom will always remain a favorite of mine. She was honest in her dealings, firm when she needed to be and always modeled exemplary behavior to students and staff daily being the Christian lady she is.

“There will never be another ‘Miss Betty’ at Blanche. When the situation got tense, she would always calm the storm with her famous bit of advice: ‘just sit on your stool and keep your cool’. I wish her many healthy years in her retirement.”

“I cannot say enough about Ms. Betty Bottom,” said Perrin. “She was not just a secretary, but a mom, nurse, administrator and great friend to all. She worked for eight different principals while she was at Blanche and did an outstanding job for each one.

“I cherish the time I spent with Ms. Betty while I was at Blanche and all the help she gave me. I wish her many wonderful years ahead as she enjoys her retirement.”

Mrs. Betty has seen several assistant principals come and go over the years, as well, and she was also glad to spend some time during the recent reception with Ina Rae Jacks, Willie Corlew, David King and Dawn Parton, current assistant principal.

Mrs. Bottom has also commented on how blessed she was to have worked with many over the years who have become lifetime friends. One such friend, Coach Jim Cooper, began his teaching/coaching career at Blanche the same year Mrs. Bottom began. Coach Cooper also attended the retirement luncheon, as well as several of Mrs. Bottom’s co-workers over the years.

Although Blanche School has been a big part of Mrs. Bottom’s life for the past 48 years, she is looking forward to being able to do some of the things she says she has put off doing for many years.

She will be missed greatly by all those who worked with her, as well as the students who gave her hugs and well wishes.

Mrs. Bottom worked her last day on Friday, Nov. 22, and left the folks at Blanche with one of Mr. Rickey Stafford’s most used quotes, “Keep it between the ditches.”