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Anderson goes from ‘weight struggle’ to ‘weight victory’

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 7:21 am

For nearly 22 years, Janet Anderson struggled with a weight problem, but since August 2013, she has lost 80 pounds.

“I never seemed to get my weight off after my last pregnancy,” she said.

She worked a full-time job and then, being a housewife, cared for her family every day.



“After years of not caring about my health, I faced back surgery in 2001,” she explained. “From that year on, it was a continuous decline in my health. I gave up.

“That’s when reality hit – I became depressed,” said Janet.

Her blood pressure was high, and she began getting knee pain.

“I’d tried many weight loss programs and even went out of town to lose weight. I’d lose, then gain it all back,” she continued, “I’d thrown money away and even considered weight loss surgery, but I’d have to gain more weight for the insurance to pay for it.”

She admitted, “It’s crazy to say, but I became comfortable. It didn’t matter anymore, because nothing seemed to work.”

In August, her husband, David, came home and discussed a program that his chiropractor had available.



“David asked me to consider making an appointment to find out more information. After being married 24 years and realizing David’s concerns and his truthfulness to me, it was time!

“I prayed about what to do. I knew it was a big step,” she said.

Janet called for an appointment and got started on the program three days later.

“I’m happy that this program worked for me. See, I hated measuring food, counting calories, counting carbs and fat contents. I needed something designed for my life,” she said.

On this plan, Janet eats six times per day, which includes all her body needs. She’s experienced a big change since losing 80 pounds.

“I’m happy, energetic and loving life again,” she exclaimed.

No longer does she take medicine.

“I’m now a health coach helping others achieve optimal health,” she said. “I’ve stood where many stand today, and I’m committed to helping you reach your goals.”

Janet offers caring, knowledgeable, one-on-one support from the very first step of the weight-loss journey toward optimal health.

“With the help of your health coach, you’ll learn how to internalize the habits of health, which is essential to healthy weight maintenance and stress-free living,” she said.

Having so much support is essential to losing weight, she explained – “That’s why I’m thankful for my journey.”

If you would like more information, call Janet Anderson (931) 675-4808 or email lighthouse@fpunet.com.