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America Recycles Day Thursday

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Keep Fayetteville/Lincoln County Beautiful, Inc. will be celebrating “America Recycles Day” on Thursday, Nov. 15.

This is a nationwide event held each Nov. 15 but observed all month long in Tennessee.

Document Destruction Truck will be available free of charge here.

On Thursday, Gail Randolph, director of Keep Fayetteville/Lincoln County Beautiful, invites all the recyclers and residents to stop by the Recycle Center for a few little thank you gifts. She will have 2013 pocket calendars, pens, rubber jar openers and an Exchange cookbook as long as they last.

“It is just our way of saying, thank you for making the effort in 2012 to bring your recyclables to our facility,” said Randolph. “And we haven’t forgotten the convenience centers out in the county. Be sure and ask for your calendar and pens there.

“We are making changes that we think will help the residents and groups in Lincoln County,” she continued. “We received funding from the Lincoln County Solid Waste Committee to purchase two new recycling trailers. As soon as we can get them lettered, you will be seeing those moving recyclables from convenience centers into town for processing.

“The great part about these trailers is they have removable bins. So we can bring them in full and simply take those out and put in empty bins for a quick turnaround. They get back to the centers quicker and our guys have more time to empty and separate the items.

“We used part of our funding from TDOT and also purchased an enclosed trailer to store our recycle bins, bags, tents, signs, vests, etc. that we use for litter-free events,” she continued, adding that these items are available to groups, communities, etc. whenever they have a community event and want to offer recycling and to help prevent litter.

“We are also writing two grants to help us get the drop-off location moved to the south side of the building.”

If the grants are obtained, the center will have the funds to fence the area, put out covered bins for paper, magazines, books, aluminum and steel cans and trailers for cardboard and plastic. The south side of the building will be opened as a one-way, pull-through off Main Street, and onto the road behind the Recycle Center, which has much less traffic. This way recyclers will not have to wait for parking beside the present drop-off area or have to park in the museum parking lot and cross a busy city street.

As the Keep America Beautiful affiliate for Lincoln County, the group also operates recycling efforts for Fayetteville and Lincoln County. Keep America Beautiful, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary, has always promoted litter prevention, waste reduction programs.

“We know that the items can be recycled hundreds of times into the same type item, like more newspaper or drink containers, or completely new ones, like shirts made from plastic bottles,” she said. “So, like we often say, ‘Why bury something that still has life in it?’”